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Is a Puppy Picket Fence Right for Me?

Are you thinking, “Is a Puppy Picket Fence Right for Me?” If so, then we have the information that you need to find out that answer for yourself. In this blog post, you will be able to find extremely helpful information and facts that will have you sure of your decision in no time.

You came to the right place, as well as the right people. The AAA Fence company has been around for many years and has completed thousands of home improvement projects. Let us help guide you to the best decisions possible with all that our years of experience can offer.

What to Think About

“Is a puppy picket fence right for me?” is not what you should be asking yourself. You should be asking why kind of puppy picket fence is right for you. Puppy picket fences are great additions to any pet inhabited property due to its combination of utility and beauty. Take a look below for a quick look at some of the reasons puppy picket fences are a good choice, as well as some options to consider if you plan to purchase one.

  • What Size Dog do You Have?:
  • Where do You Want Your Fence?:
  • What Color and Style do You Prefer?:

What Size Dog do You Have?

Possibly the most important question to ask is what size dog do you have? If you have a bigger breed of dog, you might want to consider a 6ft or higher fence that has moderately gapped pickets. If your pooch is on the smaller side, then a 4ft tall fence with closely positioned pickets would suit your needs better.

Where do You Want Your Fence?

The next thing you need to think of is where you want your new puppy picket fence to be installed at. Do you want your entire property fenced off so Fido can have as much free-range fun as possible? Or are you considering a smaller zone that is fenced in to keep your furry friends away, like a garden patch or a compost corridor?

What Color and Style do You Prefer?

Your final decision is to decide upon what style and color option you would prefer the most. From aggressively designed fences to soft dog eared designs, AAA Fence has a wide range of options to choose from. We also offer a superb selection of colors and coatings that can help customize your fence to your specifications.

AAA Quality Puppy Picket Fences From AAA Fence Company

When you want a job done right, on time, and without a hitch, then you want AAA Fence. Our professional installation crews will be sure to get your new puppy picket fence installed properly up to standards. Contact us during our hours of operation and we will assist you with any further questions or concerns you may have.