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Palm Coast Fencing Done Right

When you want fencing done right in Palm Coast, Florida, you want AAA Fence. We proudly serve Palm Coast and the surrounding areas, and would be more than happy to build you a beautiful new custom fence. We have been building beautiful fences all across the area for over 100 years, and hope to continue this proud tradition for many years to come. We build fences that are designed to last, and look great for their entire lifetime.

We know that picking between fence companies can be a tough choice, so we are here to make it an easier one. AAA Fence is one of the largest fence companies in Florida, and we got here by working hard, providing a quality product, and maintaining a stellar reputation. Our custom fences speak for themselves, and we would love it if you took a few minutes to check out some of the photographs of our finished work posted right here on our website.


All Your Residential Fencing Needs

We specialize in residential fencing projects in Palm Coast because we believe that everyone deserves the safety and security a residential fence can bring. No matter what type of fence you are interested in, or why, we can help you build it. We expertly install all sorts of fences, from aluminum fences to chain link fences to vinyl fences. We also do picket fences, pool fences, and dog fences, just to name a few.

All of our fences add something uniquely advantageous to your home. A chain link fence can be a great option for a dog fence, and help keep Rover safe and happy, playing outside. Vinyl fences make excellent privacy fences, and are low maintenance, making your life that much easier. One of our expertly installed pool fences can help keep your family safe from drowning. And our picket fences and aluminum fences will add to the curb appeal of your home while also giving you a bit of added security.

Commercial Fencing Projects Too

We are not just in the residential fencing business, we also regularly complete commercial fencing projects as well. Our team of expert fence contracts know exactly how to get any sort of fence installed quickly and without hassle. We understand that when it comes to commercial fencing, time is money, so we keep fence installation times short and sweet. We even offer rental fences for more temporary projects, like construction sites or events.

We have tons of fence material options available, and can even build custom fences and automatic gates.Our automatic gates systems will really beef up security and add a lot of convenience to your fence installation. No more getting out in the rain to open a gate, or worrying about if you closed it properly or not, our automatic gates take care of that for you. AAA Fence takes the security and convenience of your commercial fence to the next level with our superior automatic gates.

Build a Fence with AAA Fence

Building a fence with AAA Fence is easy. You can browse our services to see some of the different types of fences we offer, and look to see what will best fit your needs. We have different fencing materials available, and can build a custom fence to fit any desired aesthetic. You can sketch out a quick fence quote on our Home Page, or simply call us and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.