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Custom Fences Give You More Options

The decision of whether or not to invest in a fence for your home or business is a very important one and deserves much consideration. Which is why we offer custom fences. There are many factors to consider when looking at getting a fence installed, and all of them are important.

It is vital to look at local building codes to determine what type of fence is allowed in your area, and different factors, such as height, fencing material, and others may be crucial in getting you a custom fence that is both permissible and gives you what you want out of a fence.

There are more than just functional and legal concerns to consider, however. Other factors play a role in how you will feel about your fence for years to come. One of these is the maintenance requirements, and how long your custom fence is expected to last.

There are also aesthetic concerns. The look of your fence might be very important, in which case you will want one that is beautiful as well as functional. All of these facets are important to consider when deciding on a fence, which is why we will work with you to design and build a custom fence that gives you what you need, but also what you want out of a fence.

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Custom Fences Give You What You Need

The primary purpose of a fence is to act as a physical barrier between your property and the outside world. All of our custom fences are designed and built with this primary directive in mind and catered to your individualized needs. Sometimes a custom fence only needs to be a physical barrier, to keep animals and small children inside your yard. Or maybe you want a security fence, designed to keep trespassers out. Perhaps you only want a bit more privacy and are more interested in the ability of a fence to block out the view of your yard. With one of our custom fences, we can accomplish one, two, or even all three of these goals. We will cater the custom fence to your needs and design it around the goal you have in mind.

There are some practical concerns to actually building the custom fence as well. No two properties are exactly alike, and different properties may have different requirements when it comes to custom fencing. Even if you and your neighbor both want vinyl privacy fences, the shape and location of your properties may make those two projects different in nature and execution. The first thing to consider when building a custom fence is local building codes, which we can do for you. We will ensure your custom fence is built according to the necessary legal specifications. We will also take into consideration your specific location and property layout when building your custom fence. Your yard might have a slope to it, or require a specific height of custom fence to give you adequate privacy without blocking too much natural light. These are all factors we consider when designing your custom fence.


Custom Fences Let You Pick What You Want

Custom Fences do not just ensure you get what you need out of your fence installation. They also ensure you have options to choose from when it comes to material and design for your custom fence. Different types of fencing have different maintenance requirements and may need to be repaired or replaced on a different timeline. Wood and wrought iron fences are some of the most aesthetically pleasing custom fences, but wood has some of the highest maintenance requirements, and wrought iron is initially very expensive. Fortunately, we offer vinyl and aluminum custom fences, which can help you recreate the look of these beautiful fences, but without the heavy maintenance or high price point.

Our custom fences let you control the level of effort you will have to put into maintenance, and also let you pick the aesthetic that works for you. If you are investing in a fence for a private residence or business, chances are you will want it to be aesthetically pleasing. Our custom fences allow you to get what you need from a fence installation without sacrificing aesthetic. In fact, our custom fences are so lovely that they often even improve curb appeal and add value to your home.

Truly Customizable Fences with AAA Fence

Deciding to invest a custom fence installation to your home or business can be a great way to add value to your home. AAA Fence offers custom fences that will perform the essential functions of a fence, which will make your life safer and more convenient. We offer a wide array of custom fence options to ensure your fence installation is exactly what you need. But we do not stop there. We also have dozens of additional custom fence options to ensure that your custom fence fits the aesthetic you desire, and that the maintenance level is one you are comfortable with. Get what you want and what you need when you choose AAA Fence for your custom fence installation.