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Picket Fences, Iconic for a Reason

There are few things more iconically associated with our concept of the American Dream han a white picket fence. For decades a white picket fence has been an ideal to strive towards, a sign that you have made it, that you have succeeded in making the American Dream your own. White picket fences have been an enduring symbol of prosperity and domestic success. A white picket fence means that you are doing well, and have managed to grab onto your own slice of the American Dream. This is part of what makes white picket fences so enduringly iconic, and what makes them so popular even today.

While, the current concept of the American Dream gained definition around the 50s, as a reaction to the shifting social roles after WWII, it is still relevant today, and a goal many people aspire to. A happy family, a beautiful home, and a white picket fence. White picket fences became iconically associated with this ideal because they offer a lot of utility for a relatively easy to install fence. These fences go up quickly and easily, and come in a variety of options to ensure you can match any aesthetic.

Picket Fences Inexpensively Add Value to Your Home

Picket fences were first used in America by early colonists because they were so simple to install. Wooden pickets could simply be hammered into the ground, with a supporting rail nailed to them. The earliest of these fences were often used to keep livestock, such as chickens, safely corralled. The iconic white color originated from the whitewash more affluent colonists used to preserve the picket fences. Nowadays they are no longer made only of wood, and come in dozens of different stylistic options, but their utility still holds up to what it was in the early days.

Picket fences remain one of the simplest fences to install, due to their simple construction. A picket fence is usually composed of a series of pickets, which used to be a lot like wooden stakes, held together by rails, with anchoring posts topped by caps. Nowadays, each of these aspects is customizable, including pickets, rails, posts, and caps. These stylistic options ensure that a picket fence is not only useful, but also aesthetically pleasing. Most fence installations will add value to a house, but the utility and beauty of a picket fence ensures that you will add to the value and curb appeal to your home.

A Variety of Picket Fence Options

As previously mentioned, picket fences now come in a variety of different options. The traditional white picket fence is wood, but as anyone who owns a wooden fence will tell you, wood is sadly susceptible to rot. Wood fences are beautiful, but do take more effort to maintain, and do not last as long as other varieties of fences. Fortunately, AAA fence offers picket fences in a few different materials. We do aluminum and vinyl picket fences, just to name a few, and each of these material types come with their own unique benefits. What both picket fencing types share, however, is their low maintenance requirements and ability to outlast wood, all while coming in stylistic options virtually aesthetically indistinguishable from a traditional wooden picket fence.

However, a white picket fence in different materials is not where our picket fence options end. Not everyone ascribes to the same standard of beauty, and a white picket fence will not work for every property. An even bigger tenement of the modern American Dream is the ability to choose what you want and how you want it. This is where AAA Fence truly shines. We offer dozens of different picket fence options, and can even help you design and build a customized picket fence. If you can dream it, we can build it when it comes to picket fences.

Come to AAA Fence for the Best in Picket Fencing

When it comes to picket fencing, AAA Fence reigns supreme. We offer only the best in materials, labor, and customer service because we are truly dedicated to providing the community with top tier fence installation services. We work hard each and every day to ensure that our picket fences are top of the line, and strive to make sure that we offer any and all of the different style options you might want. Whether you are looking to get a traditional white picket fence in either vinyl or aluminum, or want to branch out stylistically and get something more unique out of your picket fence, we are the company that can help make that happen. Let AAA Fence help give you your very own piece of the American Dream, no matter what that looks like to you, with an excellent picket fence.