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There are very few fencing types more ubiquitous than a chain link fence. They are all around us, seen in use everywhere from private residences, to schools, to industrial sites, to state penitentiaries. It is impossible to drive through a city and not see dozens of different chain link fences surrounding and protecting different homes, businesses, and public areas. These fences are truly one of the most popular forms of fences, the evidence is all around us.

So what, exactly, makes chain link fences so popular? The short answer is utility. The first and foremost job a fence has, after all, is to fulfill its function, which is to act as a physical barrier separating the interior of a private or public property from the exterior world. A chain link fence accomplishes this task, and does so admirably, without some of the frills of other varieties of fences. These fences are also cheap and easy to install. They can also come in a variety of different options, from the short residential chain link pet fences, to tall, barbed wire topped security fences. All of these features contribute to the utility of chain link fences, and are part of the reason chain link fences are seen all across the country.


A key factor in the utility of chain link fences, and part of what makes them a viable option for such a huge array of different fencing projects, is the ease and swiftness with which a chain link fence can be installed. Chain link fences are one of the quickest and easiest fencing types to install. Wood fences require extra time, and wrought iron fences are heavy enough to necessitate additional tools. Chain link fences come prefabricated and can be rolled out into position on the simplest of jobs. Even with more complex fencing installations, chain link is a relatively fast install.

The quick and easy install saves you time and money. You will be paying for less labor hours from our excellent team of fence installers, because they will be able to install your fence much faster. These fences are also one of the cheapest types of fences you can buy. If you are planning on installing a fence around your property, chances are that there is a reason why. You can get your property safely fenced in faster with a chain link fence, saving you the hassle of a lengthy fence installation.


The main reason people decide to install a chain link fence is that they are the ultimate utilitarian fence. When you are building a fence or considering building one, you have a specific goal in mind. If that goal is to improve the aesthetic of your property, a chain link fence might not be your best option. We have other fence types available that might suit your needs better, such as vinyl and aluminum. However, if your goals lean more to the physical protection a fence can provide, a chain link fence might be just what you need.

A chain link fence can be the perfect fence if you simply want to keep pets or children inside of your property. These fences offer security by keeping small children and animals safely inside the confines of your yard, away from dangers like busy streets or stray animals, and keeping them where you can keep an eye on them. These fences also act as a deterrent to unwanted visitors. This can be as simple as keeping stray dogs and other animals out of your yard, or you can raise the security level exponentially by raising the height of your chain link fence or topping it with barbed wire. If your ultimate goal is a barrier between you and the outside world, a chain link fence can be the perfect option.


AAA Fence allows you several options for customizing the height, look, and feel of your fence. Offering you fences in varying heights will allow you to decide on the level of security you want for your property. You can even enhance this security additionally by topping your chain link fence with barbed wire. We also offer different vinyl coating, which can not only improve the aesthetic of a chain link fence, but also help preserve it against the elements, extending the lifetime of your fence exponentially.

You can keep the fresh, open air look and feel of a traditional chain link fence, or invest in slats that can be woven through to add a bit of privacy or decoration to the project. We are here to give you what you want when it comes to installing and customizing your fence.


Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to guide you through this process. Our expert team will be able to provide you with professional recommendations and insights for your next fencing project.

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