You already know and love AAA Fence for our quality commercial and residential fence options, but did you know that we also offer fence rentals? All of our permanent fence installations are built to last, but sometimes that is not what you need. Our goal is to provide the community with everything it needs when it comes to fences and fence installation, which is why we also offer barricade and fence rentals. We understand that not all projects are permanent, and some only require temporary fencing off. This is where having the ability to rent fences or barricades can be very useful.

Rentals are a great solution for adding security to a wide array of different projects. We offer rentals for all sorts of things, such as construction sites, concerts, festivals, and more. If you need to protect crowds, a work site, or anything else on a temporary basis, a fence rental can be just the way to do so. You will not need to block off a build site forever, and your concert hall might just be an empty field when not in use. Rentals give you all the security of a normal fence installation without the permanency.


The entire point behind fence rentals is that they are temporary installations. You need to secure an area for a short period of time, and after that period is over either no longer need the security, or want to invest in a more aesthetically pleasing permanent solution. A temporary fence rental is often one of the first things to go up at a construction site, because it is tantamount to secure the area first. Construction sites are dangerous places, especially for people who do not belong, and a fence rental will help keep out nosy passersby. Construction rentals help keep your site secure, and help make sure that only authorized personnel are allowed in.

Construction sites are not the only areas that benefit from temporary fence rentals. Events like concerts or festivals are often extremely crowded, and fence rentals can help control the crowd, direct foot traffic, and close off areas that require paid admission. Rentals are incredibly useful for many events because they can add security quickly and easily. In order to actually be an effective temporary installment, a fence rental must be able to go up quickly and easily.


With such a wide variety of projects potentially requiring the use of our rentals, it is important to offer different fence rental options to suit the individual needs of each project. A construction site and a local concert might have very different needs when it comes to fence rental, after all. An event like a concert is usually much shorter in length, and the fence rental concerns are usually crowd control. A construction site will typically make use of a fence rental for a longer period of time, and may need to be more secure, and even need visible concealment.

AAA Fence offers many different types of barricade and fence rentals in order to ensure you can get what you need for just about any project. Our barricade fence rentals come interlocking with feet for extra peace of mind. We also have freestanding chain link fence panels, which avoid the need for drilling into the ground, and can be configured into any layout. There are a few customizable options that can accompany this fence rental, such as barbed wire, top rail, tension wire, and windscreen. Adding a windscreen to your fence rental can be a great way to give your project a professional look, and limit external visibility.


AAA Fence brings the same dedication to quality we show in our permanent fence installations into our fence rental options. Our crown barricade fence rentals are made from high grade galvanized steel, and come interlocking and with feet. Our chain link rentals, both panels and set into the ground, are secure and easily installable and removable.

We can provide different sizes of chain link panels either with or without feet, depending on your project and fence rental needs. We have been in the fence business for a long time, and so we know what a quality fence is, and how to install it properly. All of our rentals go up quickly and easily, and tear down the same, saving you time, money, and hassle. Call us today to find out more about our competitive fence rental pricing.



Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to guide you through this process. Our expert team will be able to provide you with professional recommendations and insights for your next fencing project.

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