Everyone knows the timeless elegance and durability that comes with wrought iron fencing, but did you know that there is a cheaper, lighter alternative? Aluminum fencing, with all of its aluminum fence styles, is much easier to work with and cheaper than a traditional wrought iron fence and can even outlast wrought iron. Aluminum fences are inexpensive, durable, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and easy to install. There are literally dozens of reasons to consider aluminum fencing when you are deciding on a fencing material for your home or business.

More and more people are looking at aluminum fences when investing in a fence for their homes and businesses, and it is easy to see why. You can get all of the beauty of a wrought iron fence, with the longevity included, all at a lower price point, and with quicker, easier installation. You can read more on this page about some of the key factors that make aluminum fencing a great option for just about any fence installation project.


One of the biggest reasons home and business owners alike decide to go with aluminum as their fencing material of choice is the incredible versatility aluminum fencing has to offer. There are so many aluminum fence styles to choose from. Aluminum fences can be built to look just like wrought iron fences, but that is not where the customizability of aluminum fences end. Sure, the function of a fence is the most important quality, but why sacrifice aesthetic when you do not have to. Aluminum fencing comes in a huge variety of style options, and even if you do not find something you like, aluminum is light and flexible enough to be molded into custom shapes.

The style designs are truly endless when it comes to this material, and AAA Fence will work with you to find the design that works with the aesthetic of your home and enhances curb appeal. The versatility of aluminum is not all for show though, it also serves an important function. The flexibility and adaptability of this option also means that they can be built on flat or sloped surfaces, without any unsightly gaps. It also means that the height of your fence can be customized to local building codes, or your own preferences.


Style and function are both very important aspects for any fence installation project, and you will not want to skimp on either, but you do have another key feature to consider, which is the cost of the fence. The reality of the matter is that a fence installation is an investment, and like all investments, it costs money. Fortunately for you, aluminum fences are an exceedingly cost effective form of fence installation. Aluminum is much cheaper than wrought iron, and also much lighter, saving you even more on installation costs. In addition, while an aluminum fence might be initially more expensive than a wooden one, we guarantee that the durability, longevity and low maintenance requirements will save you more money in the long run.

Aluminum fences are cheap, yes, but they are also environmentally friendly. Most aluminum fencing materials are made from recycled aluminum, requiring less energy to produce and reducing waste. On top of that, they are some of the longest lasting fence types available, which means they will not need to be replaced anytime soon, which saves even more energy and reduces more waste.


By now, you should be pretty convinced that aluminum fencing is a great option for just about any fence. It is a versatile, cost effective, and long lasting fencing material. And AAA Fence builds some of the best aluminum fences you can find in the area. We know how to install aluminum fences quickly and correctly, with no hassle to you.

Our aluminum fences are very competitively priced, and will never rust or need painting or staining. We can help you customize your aluminum fence to fit your needs, and will work with you to make that happen. We just know that you will love the low maintenance beauty that comes along with one of our excellent aluminum fences.



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