AAA Temporary fence rentals are the ideal solution for directing crowds or excluding areas during construction or events. AAA Fences’ temporary fences offer a secure and safe solution that is simple to erect and re-locate when needed. Whether you’re looking for a construction fence rental to screen and secure a large site, or Crowd Barricades to direct crowds at a local event, our temporary fence rental services are here to serve your needs.

Rental Fence & Barricades

4' x 8' Crowd Barricades (Interlocking with feet)

6' x 8' Crowd Barricades (Interlocking with feet)

At AAA Fence, all of our barricades are free standing, galvanized steel panels for temporary use involving crowd control, security, and pedestrian safety. Barricades are ideal for public events Such as, celebrations, festivals, concerts, parades, organized demonstrations, races or any other outdoor assembly where a controlled environment is paramount for pedestrian safety.

6' x 12' Wide Temporary Panels (Removable feet)

8' x 12' Wide Temporary Panels (Removable feet)

Our panels are free-standing, thus avoiding drilling into pavement or dirt. They are portable and the configurations layout is unlimited.

6' Chain-link fence with post set 2' into the ground

Our 6' Chain-link fence offers a secure perimeter with all the post being set in the ground 2'. Barbwire, top rail, tension wire and windscreen are a few of the options available to customize your temporary fence needs.

Wind Screen (Vision Block) Secured with Heavy Duty Ties

Windscreen, or vision block, provides  a professional look to a construction or event site during the project. In addition, it adds more privacy and security, by keeping prying eyes away from secured and restricted areas and limiting visual access and unwarranted intrusion.