About Us

Deltona Fence Provider

AAA Fence is a trusted Fence Provider in Deltona Beach. We are one of the largest fence companies serving Florida, but we still operate with all of the dedicated customer service you would expect from a small company. Our growing size simply allows us to offer a wider array of options when it comes to fencing, letting you get exactly what you want. We allow you to customize your fence, and can even work with you to customize and install a perfect automatic gate to go along with it.

We may be a growing company, but do not let that fool you we are still the same family and veteran owned and operated company we started out as in 1958. We grew AAA Fence into the company it is today through hard work and an unparalleled dedication to excellence. We take pride in our work, and constantly strive to be the best. We bring our very best to each and every single job, and it shows in our completed custom fences.

Residential Fencing

We are experts in the field of residential fences, including all varieties of fences. We can expertly install aluminum fences, picket fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, and more. If you want to build a fence around your property that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing, then we are the fence company for you. We specialize in giving you the aesthetic you want, without sacrificing any of the safety and security you need.

No fence installation project is too big or small for us. We can and will happily fence large estates, or build a small dog fence to keep your canine companion safely in your yard. We also build pool fences. Did you know that installing a pool fence can actually dramatically decrease the chance of accidental drowning? All of our beautiful residential fence installations are designed to keep you and your family safe.

Commercial Fencing

AAA Fence also completes commercial fencing projects. We are experts at quickly and perfectly installing chain link fences around areas that need to be secured. If added privacy or aesthetic are a concern we also offer commercial fencing in the form of picket fences, aluminum fences, vinyl fences, and more. We will work with you to confirm your individual needs and determine what variety of fence will best fulfill them.

We also offer fence rentals. We have several different types of fence rentals, designed to fill different varying needs our clients might have for them. If you want a fence rental to direct foot traffic or control crowds at an event like a festival or concert, our barricades or panel fencing might be best for you. If you need extra security at a construction site, we also offer chain link fences as a rental fence optin, both with and without wind screen.


Custom Fences

No matter what variety of fence you need, or what you need it for, AAA Fence is the fence company that can help you get there. We offer a huge array of fence options, and can even help you design and build a custom fence, if you need something a little outside the box. We are also an excellent automatic gate provider, and can expertly install an automatic gate system that perfectly fits the aesthetic of your fence installation while giving you a customized level of security and convenience.